year-round offering

Pale Ale



Style: Pale Ale | Alcohol: 6.2%


Medium amber with good carbonation, hazy from lack of clarification


Big citrus aroma with hints of other tropical fruits (maybe mango or pineapple)


Coats the tongue well but doesn't linger, easy drinking


Big citrus hop nose give way to firm malt body, caramel malts are very present but not overwhelming, neither is the hop taste, good balance, finishes with a lingering bitterness


The American Pale Ale is the beer that started the Craft revolution. Steeped in tradition, yet tied to no allegiance, the APA has blazed a trail since the early 1980’s. Our version of this classic is made to provided a more approachable representation of this sought after style. Brewed with American hops, and an English yeast strain this balanced brew offers old world appeal with new world styling. Look for a citrus nose, effervescent malt body, and lingering hop bitterness to round out this go to style.