year-round offering

The 'A' IPA



Style: IPA | Alcohol: 7.0%


Burnt Sienna with hints of reddish copper, thin white head.


Very hop forward with notable tropical scents of bright citrus, mango, pineapple, and stonefruit. A nice piney/herbal/peppery quality is also detectable.


Big fruity hop flavors explode from start with just enough malt to bridge the gap to the firm bitter finish.


Fantastic, straight forward, and solid IPA with layers of flavor.


The IPA is far and away the most popular style of Craft Beer on the market today. Therefore, to make one that will not only thrive in this competitive market but also set itself apart, we had to really deconstruct the IPA in its current form in order to build a better one. We have accomplished this with The "A". Huge hop aromas and flavors of tropical fruits, bright citrus, and spicy pine meld with a very clean profile and firm bitter finish to deliver an "A" class IPA experience. This Eventide offering is everything you want in an IPA and more. Welcome to The “A”.