limited release offering

Fruited Kölsch

Berry FRUITED.jpg

Fruited KOlsch

ABV: 5.3%
IBU: 24
SRM: 3

Over the last year, we have created several fruited versions of our Flagship beer, the Kölsch Style Ale.

Grapefruit: Solid beer with good base malt characteristics, 
Hints of lemongrass from the hops, nice finish with grapefruit and hop pop at the end.

Blueberry: Strong blueberry nose and slight purple color. Classic Kölsch flavor with a mild, but bright blueberry hint.

Mango Pepper: Sweet, bright notes of mango, lemon, with a slight spice and subtle heat.   

Cherry: Sweet, bright notes of cherry and lemon, with a slight vanilla finish and hints of cinnamon, lie pie.

Available on Draft only. Some options currently unavailable.