Everyone has heard that peanut butter and jelly go together like mac and cheese. 

On June 30th from 3-6pm, Eventide Brewing and Tinkertown Pies will enter another epic duo into the 'we go together like...' Hall of Fame. Introducing the Primo Pint + Pie Pairing!  

unnamed (2).jpg


These titans of flavor and quality have schemed to present some of Atlanta's finest beers and the best pies you've never had, matching draughts and slices to perfectly compliment one another. Each ticket gets you four selected Eventide Brewing pours and its attendant Tinkertown Pies slice. We've narrowed it to four selections, so as not to overwhelm you, nor leave you bereft for missing out on more.

How to

Tickets are limited so be sure you snag yours while the gettin's good. Seriously, y'all! There are only 35 tickets. 


Once they sell out, they're gone. No second wave or deciding day of. So, grab your calendars and save the date.